Name of the Agency: Puntland Agency for Social Welfare


PASWE is a Government agency instituted in Garowe, the capital city of Puntland State in May, 2009. It is dedicated to support Vulnerable, orphans, disabled people, street children and the needy in our state.

After the smooth election in Puntland State, the new government has undertaken the uplifting of the social sector as a priority and in line with its manifesto has established Puntland Agency for Social Welfare, an autonomous agency to manage issues related with the care and assistance of our vulnerable people. PASWE is out to implement many development projects and most of them will focus on rehabilitating the needy through Advocacy, coordination and direct implementation of projects.

PASWE is an autonomous agency and comes under the President’s office.

Government’s Commitment

Puntland Government has recognized that the State’s most precious asset is its people and is committed to ensuring that policies are in place to look after every section of society. We have a duty to help those members of our community who are vulnerable and are less able to help themselves. The basis of the new approach is that we must help and protect our Orphaned Children, Disabled and/or Vulnerable people to help themselves.

The Government will empower the less privileged in our society to participate in the success of our state and our nation. The protection and welfare of our vulnerable people is our main goal.

Thank You,

Eng .Abdishakur M. Gurey, Director General
Puntland Agency for Social Welfare
Tel. 00252-90362252
Garowe, Puntland, Somalia


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